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A commonsense approach to a Continuous Improvement Strategy


Written by Masaaki Imai, pioneer of modern operational excellence and founder of the Kaizen Institute, this new edition of Gemba KAIZEN™ makes a thorough review of his most important book.
The text shows how to implement incremental and cost-efficient improvements in the most critical business processes.
Case studies from around the world and a wide variety of industries show how Gemba KAIZEN™ was used in several countries to transform processes and change cultures.

by Masaaki Imai (2012)

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Strat to Action

The KAIZEN™ method for turning Strategy into Action


In most organisations there is a huge gap in converting the strategy into action, compromising the achievement of economic and financial performance of excellence and, consequently, sustained growth in the long term.
This book describes the journey of a company over a three-year period, which evolves from poor performance to high levels of growth and profitability, using the KAIZEN™ Management Model. Throughout the several chapters, the application of the Strat to Action methodology, based on the Japanese concept Hoshin Kanri, is presented. 
Strat to Action turns strategy into action, challenging and preparing companies for the future, through methodical management focused on process improvement, commitment from leaders and accountability of all people involved.
Reading this book will allow the reader to understand Hoshin’s potential in organisational transformation and growth year after year. 

by Alberto Bastos | Charlie Sharman (2019)

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KAIZEN™ in Logistics & Supply Chains

New paradigms of unit flow production and pull


Based on the subjects from Masaaki Imai's bestseller, Gemba KAIZEN™, and considered the "bible"of the quality/management movement, this new work provides the first highly detailed explanation of how to create world-class logistics and supply chains regardless of the industry.
It includes more than 200 photographs, flow diagrams, value stream maps, and tables, and features a case study that illustrates how a company became more competitive by successfully implementing KAIZEN™ principles. There has never been a better guide to lead your company's quest for improvement.

by Euclides Coimbra (2013)

  • Hard Cover - £ 42.99

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