Mastering the Seven Capabilities to Optimize Supply Chain Operations

Mastering the Seven Capabilities to Optimize Supply Chain Operations

To finalize this series of posts on how to optimize supply chains we are introducing the KAIZEN™ Improvement Model with 5 Toolboxes and 4 Change Implementation Capabilities.

Check the image below that describes Tools and Processes needed to Implement E2E Demand Driven Lean, Agile & Resilient Supply Chain.

The 4 Change Implementation Capabilities are Independent of Function, Department or Company and are the foundation of a Continuous Improvement culture.

The 5 Supply Chain Improvement Toolboxes make available state-of-the-art methods needed to improve any E2E Supply Chain (to be used depending on the Type and Focus to be Improved). The Toolboxes should be taught in a KAIZEN™ Lean Academy.

In case you need a guided seminar to evaluate your maturity level using this Excellence Model please contact us.

In case you already have a supply chain maturity assessment (Gartner DDVN, ASCMP, or other) the KAIZEN™ model will help you decide what & how to implement the right projects under a Continuous Improvement culture.

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