Exclusive Excerpt from

Exclusive Excerpt from "Strategic KAIZEN™"

Enjoy a free excerpt of Masaaki Imai’s third book "Strategic KAIZEN™: Using Flow, Synchronization, and Leveling [FSL™] Assessment to Measure and Strengthen Operational Performance" and grab your copy today via this link.


FSL Assessment and Audit

“In my search for the way to assess and audit the Lean operational status, I have finally identified the following three key words, flow, synchronization, and leveling (FSL), as the hidden secrets of the Lean strategy…

… As long as a stable flow is established among different processes, only one manager is enough to manage the entire operations. Where a smooth flow is not established throughout the entire processes, an additional number of managers must be assigned at every process. The most ideal flow operation is to have only one manager to oversee the entire operations from the beginning till the end…

… Building a smooth, continual, and swift flow of operations, connecting all processes and functions within the company, is the ultimate goal of the Lean strategy.”

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Masaaki Imai, founder of Kaizen Institute, and author of Kaizen, Gemba KAIZEN™ and Strategic KAIZEN™. © 2021 by McGraw Hill. Reprinted with permission.

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