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energy cost savings equal 5% sales growth
of energy comes from renewable sources
increase in industry's water usage by 2050
of productivity losses due to environm. laws
increase in the carbon emission quota price


If you have the mission of:

• Create systematic means of measuring the environmental impact of your organisation

• Reengineer the products of your organisation to minimise the energy consumption and waste generated during production

• Reach a neutral carbon footprint rating


There are some roadblocks impeding you from fully succeeding:

KAIZEN™ offer checklist

Keeping up with supplier and customer demand in order to minimise the environmental impact of products and operations

KAIZEN™ offer checklist

Gathering the necessary information to prove sound environmental practices 

KAIZEN™ offer checklist

Leveraging on sustainable practices to improve the reputation of the company

KAIZEN™ offer checklist

Investing in long-term renewable energy sources while maintaining retail prices

KAIZEN™ offer checklist

Opting for the most eco-friendly delivery options while maintaining service level

KAIZEN™ offer checklist

Reaching benchmark efficiencies without compromising on environmental sustainability


You need to develop:

Realise: map & measure

Minimise the 5 green hazards

Neutralise: be carbon neutral

To reach best-in-class performance, such as:

Energy Efficiency in Food Industry
Efficiency in Process Industry
Efficiency in Polymer Production

We recommend that you start with a Value Stream Analysis:

On the Value Stream Analysis workshop we will create an improvement vision for your organisation, business unit or department. By working alongside your team, we will understand the current state of the business processes, design the Value Stream Vision and define an implementation plan to achieve the desired results.

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