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of warehouse movements are empty
of companies measure OTIF (On Time In Full)
increase of total shipping costs worldwide
of leaders invest in efficiency improvement
injuries/year due to improper material handling


If you have the mission of:

• Exceed 98% OTIF

• Shorten end-to-end delivery Lead Times, by striving 100% value-added activities

• Minimising overall logistics costs without affecting service level


Some roadblocks are impeding you from fully succeeding:

KAIZEN™ offer checklist

Maintaining competitive delivery Lead Times without overstocking 

KAIZEN™ offer checklist

Keeping up with the increasing complexity of the supply chain and its new emerging markets

KAIZEN™ offer checklist

Attracting the new-generation workforce without increasing labour costs

KAIZEN™ offer checklist

Testing and implementing new technologies while operations are running

KAIZEN™ offer checklist

Compliance with anti-idling and other emission reduction regulations

KAIZEN™ offer checklist

The shifting service level paradigm, from speed to information transparency


You need to develop:

Warehouse Design

Milk Runs

Inbound & Outbound Flows

Supply Chain Planning

To reach best-in-class performance, such as:

Interregional Transport Optimisation
Logistics Optimisation in Food Retail
Productivity increase in Spare Parts Warehouse

We recommend that you start with a Value Stream Analysis:

On the Value Stream Analysis workshop we will create an improvement vision for your organisation, business unit or department. By working alongside your team, we will understand the current state of the business processes, design the Value Stream Vision and define an implementation plan to achieve the desired results.

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Find out what the key opportunities in your Logistics processes are by conducting a Value Stream Analysis.

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