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From old "Batch and Push" Production...
...to new "Flow and Pull" Production

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of companies want to shift to pull planning
of production time is non value added
productivity losses due to the bullwhip effect
manufacturing companies spend more in IT
of sales revenue is lost due non-quality losses


If you have the mission of:

• Shorten production Lead Times, by striving for 100% value-added activities

• Reduce stock levels while improving service level adherence

• Reach high-quality standards with zero-defect production


Some roadblocks are impeding you from fully succeeding:

KAIZEN™ offer checklist

Stock is pushed back into the supply chain, and no party wants to accept ownership

KAIZEN™ offer checklist

Forecasts are never accurate due to market volatility and uncertainty

KAIZEN™ offer checklist

Technical skills and knowledge are lost from the business as people come and go

KAIZEN™ offer checklist

It is difficult to keep up with new technologies while manufacturing processes are not yet stable

KAIZEN™ offer checklist

Compliance with environmental trends and regulations

KAIZEN™ offer checklist

Improving productivity without compromising product quality and customer satisfaction


You need to develop:

Production Flow

Internal Logistics Flow

Total Quality Management

To reach best-in-class performance, such as:

Pull Flow Model in Discrete Assembly
Line Design in Automotive Assembly
Quality Improvement in Discrete Assembly

We recommend that you start with a Value Stream Analysis:

On the Value Stream Analysis workshop we will create an improvement vision for your organisation, business unit or department. By working alongside your team, we will understand the current state of the business processes, design the Value Stream Vision and define an implementation plan to achieve the desired results.

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Find out what the key opportunities in your Manufacturing processes are by conducting a Value Stream Analysis.

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