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few leaders believe that marketing influences results
of customers retaliate after an undesired contact
of the purchase decision is made before reaching out suppliers
is the average qualified lead conversion rate to revenue
of customers tune out companies' marketing efforts


If you have the mission of:

• Generate more Qualified Leads

• Penetrate a new market or building brand awareness in an existing market

• Enrich the customer database

• Design new offers and test with customers


There are some roadblocks impeding you from fully succeeding:

KAIZEN™ offer checklist

The choice of market penetration strategy is impacted by a lack of market visibility

KAIZEN™ offer checklist

There is a misunderstanding of customer interests and behavioural patterns

KAIZEN™ offer checklist

Innovation cycles are long and drawn out and/or there is a low customer acceptance of novelties

KAIZEN™ offer checklist

It is difficult to estimate the return on investment of marketing initiatives

KAIZEN™ offer checklist

There is a difficulty in standing out from the competition


You need to develop:

Market Visibility

VOC Discovery

Design Sprints

Challenger Marketing

Digital Marketing

To reach best-in-class performance, such as:

VOC Cycles in B2C
Design Sprints for the Checkout Area
Using Marketing to Drive Growth

We recommend that you start with a Value Stream Analysis:

On the Value Stream Analysis workshop, we will create an improvement vision for your organisation, business unit or department. By working alongside your team, we will understand the current state of the business processes, design the Value Stream Vision and define an implementation plan to achieve the desired results.

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Find out what the key opportunities in your Marketing processes are by conducting a Value Stream Analysis.

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