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From need more, hire more...
...to flow and resource efficiency and flexibility

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of workforce is employed in services sector
of time spent on non-value-added activities
per week per person spent in meetings
of tasks performed could be automated
reduction in processing costs with automation


If you have the mission of:

• Shorten processing Lead Times, by striving for 100% value-added activities

• Improve people effectiveness and automate processes

• Reach high-quality standards in order to achieve 100% customer satisfaction


Some roadblocks are impeding you from fully succeeding:

KAIZEN™ offer checklist

Customers expectations grow higher with available information that enables benchmarking

KAIZEN™ offer checklist

Facing the new players that enter the market every day, thanks to online-based solutions

KAIZEN™ offer checklist

Retaining process knowledge in spite of high employee turnover

KAIZEN™ offer checklist

Keeping up with new technologies without scattering information and processes through different applications

KAIZEN™ offer checklist

Complying with data protection regulations

KAIZEN™ offer checklist

Improving productivity while maintaining service quality and customer satisfaction


You need to develop:

Flow efficiency

Resource efficiency

Planning optimisation

To reach best-in-class performance, such as:

Process Efficiency in Service Retail
Process Efficiency in Public Sector
Inpatient Circuit Optimisation in Healthcare

We recommend that you start with a Value Stream Analysis:

On the Value Stream Analysis workshop we will create an improvement vision for your organisation, business unit or department. By working alongside your team, we will understand the current state of the business processes, design the Value Stream Vision and define an implementation plan to achieve the desired results.

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Find out what the key opportunities in your Services and Transactional processes are by conducting a Value Stream Analysis.

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