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Using Marketing to Drive Growth

The Challenge

sales by region website evaluation


• Limited processes and platforms for capturing new contacts

• Limited focus on the development of key global accounts

• Web platform with limited lead generation capability

Root Causes

• Little to no digital marketing capabilities within the team

• No repeatable process for generating and nurturing high-quality sales leads

• Obsolete design and content on the web platform

The Solution

sales growth mekko chart process

• Transformative marketing: disciplined marketing campaigns to improve visibility and account coverage

• Lead handling: prioritise and deliver more qualified leads to sales

• Funnel management: streamline funnel process to improve progress rates

• Key Global Accounts program implementation

The Results

The project generated a growth in sales of £24 million over a two-year period.

Number of contacts

Number of contacts

The number of contacts increased by 50%.

Number of qualified leads

Number of qualified leads

The number of qualified leads increased six-fold.

Win rate

Win rate

The win rate of proposals increased by 15%.

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