Benchmarks & Client Cases

Creation of a VOC & NPS Process

The Challenge

VOC study


• Lack of customer feedback information to feed marketing and sales initiatives

• Inability to evaluate the success of the different approaches used in each store

Root Causes

• Absence of a robust, structured and regular customer listening process (VOC)

• No metrics implemented for customer satisfaction regarding the service quality

• Conduction of ad-hoc external surveys without improvement-oriented questions

The Solution


• Introduction of a transactional Net Promoter Score (NPS) measurement system in the stores' areas and inclusion of this indicator in the Daily KAIZEN™ routine of the teams

• Client-centric approach to the processes redesigned

• Voice of the Customer (VOC) survey designed and tested in a real environment with 119 respondents

• Creation of a cyclical process for the improvements to be implemented as a result of the VOC

The Results

Pilot Stores NPS Evolution
Evolution of NPS Score for pilot stores

NPS Evolution Ratio - Revenue

NPS Evolution Ratio → Revenue

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