The 3 KAIZEN™ Skills

Change for the better:
From old "lose continuous improvement" culture... new "companywide continuous improvement" culture

There are 3 KAIZEN™ capabilities that organisations need to develop to build competitive advantage

Daily management with problem solving


Instil KAIZEN™ behaviours in all teams to improve the way the business is run

Project management of KAIZEN™ events

Value Stream KAIZEN™

Improve business processes by following cycles of KAIZEN™ events with project teams

Strategy planning of breakthrough initiaves


Find the vital few breakthrough initiatives to transform the business

Shifting to a Continuous Improvement Culture means that behaviours must change and time to do KAIZEN™ must be found

The KAIZEN™ flag is a unique demonstration of the people involvement principle. If we draw a horizontal line at each level of management, the desired distribution of time for Innovating, Improving and Performing Standard Work is indicated.

KAIZEN™ flag innovation improvement standardisation

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