KAIZEN™ in Sales

Overcoming the difficulty to Grow Sales year-on-year

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KAIZEN™ in Sales : exponential growth

Do you have the 3 KAIZEN™ skills well developed?

Change for the better because the Culture is eating strategy for breakfast

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3 KAIZEN™ skills : continuous improvement

KAIZEN™ in Strategy

Increasing the Effectiveness of strategic planning to deliver the expected results

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KAIZEN™ in Strategy : breakthrough initiaves

KAIZEN™ in Manufacturing

Overcoming the difficulty to increase flow and resource Efficiency year-on-year

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KAIZEN™ in Manufacturing : productivity

KAIZEN™ in Sourcing

Overcoming the difficulty to increase Gross Margins year-on-year

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KAIZEN™ in Sourcing : double margin

Welcome to
Kaizen Institute Finland

We help leaders change for the better and achieve breakthrough results.

KAIZEN™ meaning is change for the better

To implement a Continuous Improvement culture, you must master the 3 KAIZEN™ Skills

• Daily management with problem solving
• Value stream improvement with KAIZEN™ Events 
• Breakthrough innovation with hoshin development

On top of the 3 skills, you also need the best systems and tools

Our Solutions provide the best content for the practice of the 3 Skills.

Select your industry and see how we can help to solve your challenges. 

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Our customers are incorporating new paradigms based on the KAIZEN™ Principles and industry benchmark practices

Click to review the cases of pure improvement in all industry sectors:

Breakthrough Management in Process Industry
Improvement Cycles in Discrete Assembly
Value Stream Analysis in Packaging Industry
VOC Cycles in B2C

From Lean to Profitable Growth with KAIZEN™

Industry Standard:

• Lean operations are at the core of creating resource and flow efficiency

• Lean transformation is necessary in order to develop leadership skills and improvement routines

• More often than not, Lean and company strategy are treated as two separate entities

From Lean to Profitable Growth with KAIZEN


• Lean can be extended across additional areas, such as Marketing, Sales, Innovation, Development, Energy and Environment

• Strategy development drives engagement and breakthrough improvement

• KAIZEN™ is used as a competitive weapon to drive sustainable profitable growth

The KAIZEN™ Method for Turning Strategy into Action

Learn more about Strat to Action


Strat to Action is based on the day-to-day life of a CEO. Setting the scene at the development of a Hoshin planning, the book documents his three-year journey in the process of implementing KAIZEN™.
Reading this book will allow you to gain a better insight into the potential of KAIZEN™ in organisational transformation and growth year-after-year.

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